Thor #181 - Neal Adams art

Thor v1 #181, 1970 - Trapped in Hades while in the guise of Loki, Thor must not only escape, but stop his half-brother's path of destruction on Earth. Neal Adams' pencils are streamlined but somewhat hidden beneath the inks of Joe Sinnott. Even more confusing, he illustrates a recap of the previous issues (page 3) in a style similar to Jack Kirby. Still, Adams' influence emerges often enough to be singular. The panels featuring Mephisto and the splash of Thor lifting a giant crane (page 16) are among the most memorable scenes. Other artists in this issue include John Buscema and Marie Severin (cover). This is number 3 of 3 Thor issues with Adams art and/or covers.
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"One God Must Fall" Adams story pencils (Joe Sinnott inks) 20 pages = ***

Thor v1 #181 marvel comic book page art by Neal Adams
Neal Adams
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