Uncle Scrooge #14 - Carl Barks art & cover

Carl Barks
Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge v1 #14, 1956 - Uncle Scrooge and company go to Tibet to search for the lost crown of Genghis Khan. Little do they realize that they'll have to wrest it from the lair of the Abominable Snowman. The Himalayan setting can be a tad monotonous, with only snowy mountainous backgrounds. Carl Barks does his best to conceal the monster until the inevitable confrontation in a larger panel. Interestingly, his version of the Yeti is more goofy and child-like than ferocious. Barks also draws two shorter stories: Gyro Gearloose's dilemma of a noisy neighbor and Scrooge's search for oil on a square inch of land. This is number 14 of 70 Uncle Scrooge issues with Barks art and/or covers (not including reprints).
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Barks c
over pencils and inks = ***
"The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan"
Barks story pencils and inks 19 pages = ***
Untitled Uncle Scrooge fortune telling story
Barks pencils and inks 8 pages = ***
Untitled Gyro Gearloose concrete fence story
Barks pencils and inks 4 pages = ***
Barks inside front cover pencils and inks (black and white) = ***
Barks inside back cover pencils and inks (black and white) = ***
back cover pencils and inks = ***

Carl Barks
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