Green Lantern v2 #77 - Neal Adams art & cover

Green Lantern Green Arrow #77 dc comic book cover art by Neal Adams
Neal Adams
Green Lantern / Green Arrow v2 #77, 1970 - With the help of Green Lantern and Green Arrow, a small mining community rises up against their tyrannical boss. Neal Adams provides some stunning layouts, only to be partially diminished by Frank Giacoia's imposing inks. The artwork as a whole lacks the nuance of other stories in the series, but there are still a few notable pages and panels. The double page portrait of a Bob Dylan-like folk singer (pages 5-6) is both lyrical and empathetic. Equally effective is the close-up view of a miner's face on page 9 panel 2 the artist perfectly captures a facial expression of grim determination. Adams' cover is better but a tad crowded for my tastes. This story was later reprinted in Green Lantern Green Arrow #1. This is number 3 of 15 Green Lantern issues with Adams art and/or covers.
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Adams cover pencils and inks = ***
"Journey To Desolation" Adams story pencils (Frank Giacoia inks) 23 pages = ***

Green Lantern Green Arrow #77 dc comic book page art by Neal Adams
Neal Adams
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