Our Fighting Forces #162 - Jack Kirby art

Our Fighting Forces v1 #162 featuring the Losers, 1975 - In Jack Kirby's final issue on this title, the Losers take the brunt of a Nazi offensive along with a group of orphaned French boys. A barrage of gunfire and explosions comprise most of the pages, and Kirby's expressive style is perfectly suited for it. While not the calibre of previous issues, his drawings are overall satisfactory. The relatively calm title splash, depicting the interrogation of a captured German soldier, is ironically the story's best drawn scene. Other artists in this issue include Ernie Chua (cover). This is number 12 of 12 Our Fighting Forces issues with Kirby art and/or covers.
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"Gung-Ho" Kirby story pencils (D. Bruce Berry inks) 18 pages = **

Jack Kirby
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  1. I re-read all of these in the Hardocer collection recently and was blown away by how powerful and personal these stories were. They were sadly neglected when they first appeared but I think they are Jack's best solo work.

    I am working on an article on these stories that may see print in a new issue of Jack Kirby Quarterly.

    Nick Caputo