Incredible Hulk v2 #222 - Jim Starlin art

Incredible Hulk v2 #222, 1978 - Hounded once again by the US Army, the Hulk finds refuge with a boy who holds a dark secret. Jim Starlin's layouts are adequate, but his pencils are overwhelmed by inker Alfredo Alcala. Even the two splash pages are heavily laden with& texture, weighing down both the figures and backgrounds. While recognizable, Starlin's drawings are buried too deep to be effective. Other artists in this issue include Ernie Chua (cover). This is number 2 of 2 Incredible Hulk v2 issues with Starlin art and/or covers.
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"Feeding Billy" Starlin story pencils (Alfredo Alcala inks) 18 pages = **

Incredible Hulk v2 #222 marvel comic book page art by Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin
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  1. I just noticed this post. The cover looks 100% Ernie Chan (signed). Chan did a number of covers for the Hulk and inked the book for about a year. He gave the Hulk (and Conan) a highly detailed muscly look and delivered a few iconic covers (I would single out issues 219, 223 and 224). Al Milgrom took over doing Hulk covers after Chan; for some reason Sal Buscema did not do covers during his lengthy Hulk run. Romita and Cockrum turned in some decent covers earlier in the Buscema run, and Starlin drew the cover for issue 217.
    I say Ernie deserves more than a single star.

  2. You're dead right about this. I thought I read somewhere Starlin did the cover as well. I still think it's a poorly drawn cover, but would be open to seeing more of Ernie's work (any suggestions?). I've revised the post and the Starlin checklist accordingly. Thanks for pointing this out.

  3. According to Wikipedia, Chan (under the name Chua) was DC Comic's primary cover artist from approximately 1975 to 1977. For Marvel he may be remembered best for his inks on Conan. I recommend Conan #43, the last issue of his initial "Chua" run. The inks capture the mood of the story well, a mix of sword-and-sorcery and horror. The second part of the story (#44) was inked by Adams.