Time Machine / Four Color Comics v2 #1085 - Alex Toth art

The Time Machine / Four Color Comics v2 #1085, 1960 - MGM films adapts H.G. Wells' science fiction novel for the big screen, starring Rod Taylor and Sebastian Cabot. Dell comics follows suit with a comic book version, only the second attempt after the Classics Illustrated series. Stills from the movie populate the front and inside front covers, while Alex Toth provides the story art. His opening scene and subsequent pages are impressive, capturing early 20th century London with decorative details. Both Morlocks and Eloi are depicted faithfully to their film versions, though not especially interesting. Toth's drawings loosen and simplify toward the final pages, but he does a largely credible job overall. Compare this issue to the later Alex Nino version in Marvel Classics Comics #2.
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"The Time Machine" Toth story pencils and inks 32 pages = ***

Alex Toth

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