The Phantom v2 #71 - Don Newton art & cover

The Phantom v2 #71 charlton comic book cover art by Don Newton
Don Newton
The Phantom v2 #71, 1976 - The Phantom confronts a giant arachnid, hidden within the caves of a remote mountaintop. Don Newton delivers his best work yet, starting with a magnificent splash of the hero standing watchful over his African domain. Rich and textural, his drawing captures the lush foliage of the jungle. The remaining pages are nicely laid out, but the artwork excels due to Newton's incomparable draftsmanship throughout. Rounding out the issue is "Witchman's Revenge", a two-page text story that reuses and alters Newton panels from previous issues. This is number 5 of 7 Phantom issues with Newton art and/or covers.
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Newton cover painting = **
"The Monster of Zanadar" Newton story pencils and inks 21 pages = *****

The Phantom v2 #71 charlton comic book page art by Don Newton
Don Newton
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