Detective Comics #471 - Marshall Rogers art & cover

Detective Comics v1 #471 dc comic book cover art by Marshall Rogers
Marshall Rogers
Detective Comics v1 #471 featuring Batman, 1977 - Seeking treatment for an injury, Bruce Wayne admits himself into an exclusive private clinic. Marshall Rogers' tight, angular drawings can be stiff at times, especially with Terry Austin's inks. In other ways, his graphic style results in very distinctive page and panel designs. The high point of the story is page 8 (see interior page below), with its free-form montage of nightmarish imagery. Just as engaging is Rogers' cover, viewing the Batman through the villain's elastic disguise. This story was first reprinted in Shadow of the Batman #2. This is number 4 of 13 Detective Comics issues with Rogers art and/or covers.
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Rogers cover pencils (Terry Austin inks) = ***
"The Dead Yet Live!"
Rogers story pencils (Terry Austin inks) 17 pages = ***

Detective Comics v1 #471 dc comic book page art by Marshall Rogers
Marshall Rogers
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