Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #3 - Jeff Jones cover

Jeff Jones
Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #3, 1972 - One of two gothic romance titles DC published in the 1970s, Dark Mansion changed its format to mystery/horror by the fifth issue. Jeff Jones would contribute this masterful cover design, one of only a handful in his comics career. His delicate brushwork focuses on the heroine, particularly the undulating folds of her white dress. The silhouetted flying creatures in the background (perhaps guided by the mysterious background figure) further add to the eerie setting. Other artists in this issue include Don Heck. This is number 1 of 1 Dark Mansion issues with Jones art and/or covers. 
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Jones cover pencils and inks = ****

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  1. Jeff Jones did four covers for DC: WONDER WOMAN #199 and 200, DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE #3, and SINISTER MANSION OF SECRET LOVE #2 (see a scan of it at www.comics.org). This was the first of the four that he did for DC. Three of these are ink wash drawings. WONDER WOMAN #200 is straight pen-and-ink.

  2. I think you're referring to Sinister HOUSE of Secret Love #2, but you're right about the attribution. I corrected the post accordingly. Many thanks.