Romance - series genre checklist

Romance genre series featured on Pencil Ink:

A Moon, a Girl... Romance
Best Romance
Boots and her Buddies
Boy Loves Girl
Brides Romances
Cinderella Love
Classic Comics
Confessions of the Lovelorn
Cowboy Love
Daring Love
Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love
DC 100 Page Super Spectacular
Exotic Romances
Falling in Lovel
First Love Illustrated
First Romance
Gale Storm
Girls' Love Stories
Girls' Romances
Going Steady
Haunted Love
Hi-School Romance
Hollywood Confessions
Hollywood Pictorial
In Love
Intimate Love
It Rhymes with Lust
Just Married
Love Confessions
Love Letters
Love Romances
Love Secrets
Love Tales
My Confession
My Experience
My Love
My Love Life
My Love Memoirs
My Love Story
My Only Love
My Own Romance
My Past Thrilling Confessions
My Real Love
My Romantic Adventures
Our Love Story
Personal Love
Pictorial Confessions
Pictorial Romances
Popular Romance
Popular Teen-Agers
Romance Stories of True Love
Romantic Marriage
Romantic Story
Romantic Western
Secret Hearts
Secret Story Romances
Secrets of True Love
Sinister House of Secret Love
Sparkling Love
Stories of Romance
Sugar Bowl Comics
Summer Magic
Teen Confessions
Teen-age Diary Secrets
Teen-age Romance
Teen-age Romances
Teen-age Temptations
Thrilling Romances
Time for Love
Today's Romance
True Bride-To-Be Romances
True Love Pictorial
True Love Problems and Advice Illustrated
True Secrets
True Sweetheart Secrets
True Tales of Love
Wartime Romances
Wedding Bells
Western Hearts
Young Love
Young Romance
Youthful Romances

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