Eerie v3 #61 - Wally Wood, Bernie Wrightson art

Eerie v3 #61, 1974 - Bernie Wrightson delivers yet another superb intro, perching Cousin Eerie atop a high vantage point. A deft use of light and shadow, the page sets an appropriately dark tone. Wally Wood chronicles a futuristic war between Earth and its Martian colonists. The artist is no stranger to the sci-fi genre due to his EC work of the 1950s. His detailed hi-tech machinery and uniforms contrast the added greytones in many of the scenes. Not surprisingly, Wood's female characters are sensual and curvaceous. his story was later reprinted in >Eerie v3 #131. Other artists in this Warren bronze age horror magazine include Jose Ortiz and Ken Kelly. This is number 3 of 3 Eerie issues with Wood art and/or covers and number 4 of 14 Eerie issues with Wrightson art and/or covers (not including reprints). Find >this issue or more >Wood, >Wrightson or >Eerie issues on ebay.
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Wrightson inside front cover pencils and inks (duotone) = ****
"Killer Hawk" Wood story pencils and inks 12 pages (black and white) = ****

Bernie Wrightson
Wally Wood
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