Monday, December 12, 2016

Eerie #4 - Wally Wood art & cover

Wally Wood
Eerie v1 #4, 1951 - A woman flees from a slow moving zombie on this weirdly compelling Wally Wood cover. Note the pathway lined with skulls, leading the eye to a house of bones in the distance. A blue box with the issue's contents is clumsily placed over the woman's scantily clad figure. Simple yet effective in design, the cover contrasts against Wood's more complex art on the inside front cover (see interior page below). Sid Check's inking is merely adequate, neither helping nor harming the initial pencils. Other artists in this issue include Gene Fawcette. This is number 3 of 4 Eerie issues with Wood art and/or covers (not including reprints).
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Wood cover pencils and inks = ***
Wood inside front cover pencils (Sid Check inks) (black and white) = ***

Wally Wood
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