Sunday, June 21, 2015

Vampirella #50 - Jeff Jones art

Vampirella v1 #50, 1996 - Just one of three Vampirella features in this issue, "The Final Star of Morning" boasts some fine inking by Jeff Jones. Some pages are better than others, due to the artists' painterly application of shadows (pages 2,7). Bill Dubay's pencils are erratic at times, but certainly benefit from the collaboration. It's interesting to note that Jones rarely inked others (I can think of only two other instances), making this effort all the more special. Other artists in this issue include Jose Ortiz, Jose Gonzales and more. This is number 8 of 8 Vampirella issues with Jones art and/or covers (not including reprints). See today's posts or more Jones or Vampirella issues. See also this blog's Jeff Jones checklist.
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"The Final Star of Morning" Jones story inks (Bill Dubay pencils) 8 pages = ***
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Jeff Jones
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