Batman #338 - Don Newton art

Batman v1 #338, 1981 - Investigating a murder of a clown, Robin goes through all the possible perpetrators and winds up with nothing. In this concluding back-up tale, Don Newton's artwork falters. Some panels are clumsily drawn and the layouts too contrived. The inking hinders it further, stiffening many of the faces and figures. The opening page credits are mostly unrecognizable due to poor print production, but Larry Mahlstedt is often credit as the inker. Comparing this work to the previous issue, however, the styles are clearly inconsistent. Other artists in this issue include Irv Novick, Frank McLaughlin and Jim Aparo. This is number 7 of 32 Batman issues with Newton art and/or covers.
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"Killer Under the Big Top" Newton story pencils (Dick Giordano? inks) 8 pages = **

Don Newton
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