Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Barnyard Comics #19 - Frank Frazetta art

Barnyard Comics v1 #19, 1948 - Full of Frank Frazetta art, this issue showcases some of the artist's most under-appreciated golden age works. His attention to detail is unusually advanced for the "funny animal" genre. While his text illustrations are lushly illustrated, it's his Barney the Rooster tale that displays his brilliance (see interior page below). The romanticized trees on page four, panel one and the time-elapsed figures on page three, panel five are just two examples. This is number 7 of 16 Barnyard Comics issues with Frazetta art and/or covers. Other artists in this issue include Harris Steinbrook and Jack Bradbury. See today's posts or more Frazetta or Barnyard Comics issues. See also this blog's Frazetta checklist or Top 10 Frazetta comics.
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"Barney Rooster" Frazetta story pencils and inks 7 pages = ****
"Hucky Duck" Frazetta story pencils and inks 2 pages = ****
The Cats with the Beautiful Tails" Frazetta text illo pencils and inks 1 page = ***
The Cleverest One" Frazetta text illo pencils and inks 1 page = ****
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Frank Frazetta
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