Two-Fisted Tales #28 - Wally Wood art

Two-Fisted Tales v1 #28, 1952 - This tale about a pivotal battle during the Revolutionary War is told simply and straightforwardly. Rather than focusing on General Washington or his officers, the perspective comes from their rank-and-file soldiers. Several panels call for views of Manhattan from atmospheric heights, attempting to show the two armies' maneuvers over the island. It's not completely clear, but thankfully these scenes are accompanied by on-the-ground scenes. Wally Wood maintains the same high level of craft as previous issues of Two-Fisted Tales. Stunning details and artistry occur on nearly every panel. Page one, with its carefully considered use of graytones, depicts the battle's depressing aftermath. It also marks this issue's artistic high point. Jack Davis' gritty illustrations do nearly as well on his WWII Pacific theater story. Other artists in this issue include Will Elder, John Severin, and Harvey Kurtzman (cover). This is number 11 of 18 Two-Fisted Tales issues with Wood art and/or covers.
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"Pell's Point" Wood story pencils and inks 7 pages = *****

Two-Fisted Tales v1 #28 - Wally Wood ec war golden age comic book page art
Wally Wood
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