Voyage of the Deep #3 - mis-attributed Alex Toth art

Voyage of the Deep v1 #3, 1960 - Uncredited in comic book guides, some sources credit the inside front cover to Alex Toth (see interior page below). The second panel makes an especially strong case, with its meticulous design. I initially thought so too, but further scrutiny on panel 3 suggests Dan Spiegle, who frequently drew for Dell publishing. Other artists in this issue include Sam Glanzman.

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  1. It isn't Toth on the Voyage inside cover.

  2. It's listed on the online Alex Toth checklist (http://www.axelkah.de/files/indexmain.htm) and looking closely at the compositions within the panels, I'd have to concur. The inks are definitely not him, Mike Peppe perhaps?

  3. That's pure Dan Spiegle art. No Toth.

    A lot of Spiegle work is mistaken for Toth in various checklists. And vice-versa.

  4. Now that you mention it, the divers' panel does look like Spiegle. And you're right about the mix-ups. Toth's and Spiegle's westerns from the 1950s have especially strong similarities. Thanks for the insights.