Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wyatt Earp v2 #6 - Russ Manning art

Wyatt Earp v2 #6, 1959 - Russ Manning draws two action-packed tales in this issue. The first is about a newly released convict who aims to settle a score with the marshal. The opening scene's ambush sets the dangerous tone, as Wyatt and his deputy take cover among a landscape of boulders. Equally compelling is the artist's shadowy portrayal of a gunman on page 11 panel 1 (see interior page below). The second story, about a ruckus caused by cattle hands, has its own moments of fine artistry. Most notable is the heroic rescue during a wild stampede (page 10 panel 5). This is number 6 of 13 Wyatt Earp issues with Manning art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Manning or Wyatt Earp issues. See also this blog's Russ Manning checklist.
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"Medicine Guns" Manning story pencils and inks 14 pages = ***
"Danger in Dodge" Manning story pencils and inks 12 pages = ***
"Gun-man's Hide and Seek" Manning story pencils and inks 1 page = **
"The Bullfight" Manning inside back cover pencils and inks (black and white) = ***
"Indian Chase
" Manning back cover pencils and inks = ***
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Russ Manning
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