Monday, August 14, 2017

Alien: The Illustrated Story - Walt Simonson art & cover

Alien: The Illustrated Story - Walt Simonson movie adaptation graphic novel cover art
Walt Simonson
Alien: The Illustrated Story, 1979 - Heavy Metal publishing takes on the task of adapting Ridley Scott's landmark movie into a graphic novel. Writer Archie Goodwin and artist Walt Simonson, the same team that produced DC's award-winning Manhunter series, handles the chores with passion and enthusiasm. The artist opens with a bold double page spread, rendering the movie title in organically viscous textures. Subsequent pages use an abundance of small panels in carefully paced layouts that are suggestively claustrophobic. These are contrasted by larger panels of intense action scenes. Interestingly, the film's pivotal scene of the alien emerging from a stomach is bloodier and more violent than the original. Just as noteworthy is the issue's second double page spread, depicting the crew's initial discovery of the alien spacecraft. With this adaptation, Simonson proves himself a master of layout and sequential design.
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Simonson cover pencils and inks = **
Simonson story pencils and inks 61 pages = ***

Alien: The Illustrated Story - Walt Simonson movie adaptation graphic novel page art
Walt Simonson
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  1. This sounds like a great book. Do you know if there was a hc version or only sc? I imagine it's got to be fairly hard to find.

  2. Good question. I've only seen the softcover version. Since it was unknown at the time how successful the movie was going to be, I doubt the publisher wanted to spend the money on a hardcover version. Still, a hardcover reprint would probably do well today.

  3. hey i still have this book ..., its a bit worn and torn but its a good read

  4. There was only a SC version of this volume printed. We are currently working in getting an anniversary version of this publication back into print, with a boatload of extras including the original typed script, history of the project and interviews w/ all the major players still available. Also, possibly a B&W version as well, showcasing Walter Simonson's amazing artwork.