Saturday, May 20, 2017

Omega Men annual #1 - Alex Nino art

Omega Men v1 annual #1, 1984 - Alex Nino's longest effort for this title is also his most disappointing. The story pencils (not his) are erratic and the layouts uninspired. Rather than allowing his inks to come to the fore, Nino takes passive approach that neither enhances nor improves upon the artwork. Opportunities to add texture and depth are mostly squandered. The artist's two other issues in this series are far superior, perhaps due to having both pencilling and inking duties. This is number 1 of 1 Omega Men annual issues with Nino art and/or covers.
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"Heaven and Hell Waiting in the Wings" Nino story inks (Tod Smith pencils) 42 pages = *

Alex Nino
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