X-men #198 - Barry Windsor Smith art & cover

X-men v1 #198 marvel comic book cover art by Barry Windsor Smith
Barry Windsor Smith
Uncanny X-men #198, 1985 - Walking through the deserts of Africa, a dazed and weakened Storm helps a pregnant girl find her tribal village. Barry Smith sets a sophisticated tone with his breathtaking cover, then embarks on a series of aesthetically pleasing pages. Ororo's struggle is perfectly visualized on the opening splash, her robe buffeted by harsh winds. Other scenes, such as the evening campfire on page 10 and the discovery of monolithic machines (see interior page below) display Smith's mastery of both timing and composition. This is but one of his many fine works during the 1980s. This is number 5 of 9 X-men issues with Smith art and/or covers.
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Smith cover pencils and inks = *****
"Lifedeath (II)"
Smith story pencils and inks 23 pages = *****

X-men v1 #198 marvel comic book page art by Barry Windsor Smith
Barry Windsor Smith
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