Master of Kung Fu #17 - Jim Starlin art

Master of Kung Fu v1 #17, 1974 - Shangi Chi, Master of Kung Fu begins his own self-titled series after his initial appearances in Special Marvel Edition #15 and #16. Jim Starlin continues his memorable run, but his two-page center spread (depicting the kung-fu hero under attack by suits of armor) is generally dull. Aside from an outstretched, armored leg, the composition is relatively flat with no clear hierarchy. A slight loss of detail also suggests this scene was perhaps enlarged from a smaller drawing. That aside, Starlin overall continues to deliver fresh and inventive layouts. Other artists in this issue include Ernie Chua (cover). This is number 1 of 3 Master of Kung Fu issues with Starlin art and/or covers.
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"Lair of the Lost" Starlin story pencils (Al Milgrom inks) 19 pages = ***

Master of Kung Fu v1 #17 marvel 1970s bronze age comic book page art by Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin
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