Zorro / Four Color Comics v2 #976 - Alex Toth art

Walt Disney's Zorro / Four Color Comics v2 #976, 1959 - Plotting to take control of California, a man called the Eagle and his conspirators disrupt the ammunition supplies. Like some of his previous Zorro features, Alex Toth's illustrations are outstanding. "Gypsy Warning" has all the hallmarks of a Toth story, including finely crafted faces and figures, deft brushwork and detailed backgrounds (see interior page below). His shorter story, though enjoyable, doesn't quite match the standards of the first. "Gypsy Warning" was later reprinted in Walt Disney Comics Digest #39. while "A Double For Diego" was later reprinted in >Walt Disney Comics Digest #9. This is number 5 of 8 Zorro issues with Toth art and/or covers (not including reprints). This issue is also included in this Toth gallery. Find >this issue or more >Toth or >Zorro issues on ebay.
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"Gypsy Warning" Toth story pencils and inks 26 pages = ****
"A Double For Diego" Toth story pencils and inks 6 pages = ***
"The Four R's of Learning in Spanish California" Toth back cover pencils and inks = *

Zorro / Four Color Comics #976 golden age 1950s dell comic book page art by Alex Toth
Alex Toth
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