Metal Men #45 - Walt Simonson art

Metal Men v1 #45, 1976 - After its initial run in the 1960s, DC revives the series with brand new material. Walt Simonson begins as the regular artist, bringing his own unique interpretation of the robotic characters. His angular style and almost textural strokes seem perfectly suited for the title. Also known for his innovative panel sequences, the scenes on pages 5,6,9 and 18 all benefit from these effects. Simonson would soon prove himself to be the Metal Men's best artist. This story was later reprinted in The Art of Walt Simonson. Other artists in this issue include Dick Giordano (cover). This is number 1 of 7 Metal Men issues with Simonson art and/or covers.
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"Evil is in the Eye of the Beholder" Simonson story pencils and inks 18 pages = ***

Metal Men v1 #45 dc 1970s bronze age comic book page art by Walt Simonson
Walt Simonson
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