Eerie v3 #65 - Alex Toth, Bernie Wrightson art

Eerie v3 #65, 1975The murderous Hacker returns to London on another killing spree. Following several clues, Lt. Smythe of Scotland Land gains entry into an exclusive gentlemen's club. Alex Toth's drawings are interspersed with ominous shapes. He also employs more than a few visual devices, including a panel dripping with viscous liquid. Not surprisingly, Toth's storytelling skills result in exemplary page designs. Bernie Wrighton contributes the issue's frontispiece: a rendition of Cousin Eerie relaxing in his library of horrors. Beautifully drawn, scene radiates with precise and textural linework (the hot pink color doesn't hurt either). Other artists in this issue include Paul Neary and Jose Ortiz. This is number 8 of 14 Eerie magazine issues with Wrightson art and/or covers (not including reprints) and number 4 of 5 Eerie issues with Toth art and/or covers (not including reprints).
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Wrightson inside front cover (duotone) = ****
"The Hacker is Back" Toth story pencils and inks 10 pages (black and white) = ***

Bernie Wrightson
Alex Toth
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