Friday, July 7, 2017

Sensation Comics #107 - Alex Toth art

Sensation Comics v1 #107, 1952 - On a Himalayan Mountaintop, Johnny Peril seeks the truth behind the legendary phantom called the Queen of the Snows. Alex Toth displays a strong sense of design on nearly very page. His spontaneity of his drawings are somewhat buried under Sy Barry's imposing inks. That said, there is a benefit to his increased detailing (such as the opening splash). Still enough of Toth's handiwork exists to make the story distinctive. This story was later reprinted in Unexpected #127. Other artists in this issue include Carmine Infantino. This is number 2 of 3 Sensation Comics issues with Toth art and/or covers.
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"Queen of the Snows" Toth story pencils (Sy Barry inks) 8 pages = ***

Alex Toth
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