Creepy #63 - Bernie Wrightson art

Creepy magazine v1 #63, 1974 - In this disturbing Bernie Wrightson tale, a hunter saves a deformed woman from certain death and takes her into his home (see interior page below). The artist is at his very best, using the grotesqueness of Jenifer's face to taint the most ordinary settings. His expressive drawing style becomes more dimensional with greytones added throughout the pages. This story was later reprinted in Vampirella #63. In addition to delivering one his most phenomenal works for Warren publishing, Wrightson also draws the issue's excellent frontispiece. Other artists in this issue include Ken Kelly, Richard Corben, Leo Summers and Jose Gaul. This is number 2 of 19 Creepy issues with Wrightson art and/or covers (not including reprints).
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Wrightson inside front cover pencils and inks (duotone) = ****
"Jenifer" Wrightson story pencils and inks 10 pages (black and white) = *****

Bernie Wrightson
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