Adventure Comics #418 - Alex Toth art

Adventure Comics v1 #418 featuring Supergirl, 1972 - In one of the back-up features, the Black Canary is hired as martial arts teacher to a small but suspicious group of women. The graphic linework of Alex Toth flattens the picture plane, but his page layouts are masterful in their storytelling. The expert judo moves by the heroine (see interior page below) are sequenced within an open, free-form design. The first of a two-parter, this story continues into the next issue. This story was later reprinted in Adventure Comics #491. Besides the main Supergirl feature, a Phantom Stranger reprint and an unpublished Dr. Midnight tale round out the book. Other artists in this issue include Jose Delbo, Bob Oksner and Sal Amendola. This is number 1 of 7 Adventure issues with Toth art and/or covers. .
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"Black Canary" Toth story pencils and inks 8 pages = ***

Alex Toth
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