Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Conan the Barbarian #40 - mis-attributed Frank Brunner cover

Conan the Barbarian v1 #40, 1975 - No Frank Brunner cover, despite what some comic book price guides say. The artist only contribution to the series is the cover of Conan the Barbarian #17. Other artists in this issue include Rich Buckler and Ernie Chan (cover). See today's posts or more Conan the Barbarian or Brunner issues. See also this blog's Brunner checklist or Top 10 Brunner comics.
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  1. This may actually be a Rich Buckler pencilled cover under Chan inks. The Conan figure has a pose that looks very Kirbyesque, which would make sense if Buckler pencilled it. Romita also touched up Conan's face.

    Nick Caputo