Navy Tales #2 - Al Williamson art

Navy Tales v1 #2, 1957 - The Japanese military construct an enormous warship. Outgunned and outnumbered, an American PT boat must devise a way to fight it. Al Williamson's opening page is not immediately recognizable, but the remaining pages make it for it. The inks (by Ralph Mayo?), begin loosely then tighten up as the story progresses. A nice touch is the inclusion of a tropical bird (see interior page below) to reinforce the exotic locale. Other artists in this issue include Paul Reinman, Don Heck, Syd Shores, Reed Crandall, Carl Massey and Joe Mnaeely (cover). This is number 1 of 1 Navy Tales issues with Williamson art and/or covers.
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"Dreadnought" Williamson story pencils (Ralph Mayo? inks) 5 pages = ***

Navy Tales #2 golden age comic book page art by Al Williamson
Al Williamson
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