Uncle Scrooge #24 - Carl Barks art & cover

Carl Barks 
Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge v1 #24, 1955 - Of the three Carl Barks stories that reside in this issue, the lead feature is one of my personal favorites. Scientists discover a second moon revolving around the Earth, and determine it's made of solid gold. Uncle Scrooge, a wealthy Rajah, and a Texas oilman race through space to claim it as their own. The majority of scenes are in space and aboard spaceships, but Barks utilizes larger panels as needed for scale. His rendition of the new moon as first seen by Scrooge and his crew (see inset above) is dramatic and unusually realistic for "cartoon character" book. Just as compelling is the final page of the golden moon's former Venusian owner leaving for his home planet. The two remaining Barks tales, though shorter, are also enjoyable and well written. This is number 24 of 70 Uncle Scrooge issues with Barks art and/or covers (not including reprints).
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Barks cover pencils and inks = **
"The Twenty Four Carat Moon" Barks story pencils and inks 20 pages = ****
Gyro Gearloose Cyclone Hill story Barks pencils and inks 4 pages = ***
"The Magic Ink" Barks story pencils and inks 6 pages = ***

Carl Barks 
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