Rawhide Kid #46 - Alex Toth art, Jack Kirby cover

Jack Kirby
Rawhide Kid v1 #46, 1965 - The infamous Doc Holliday takes on the Rawhide Kid on this oddly drawn cover. Jack Kirby's work on westerns usually suffices, but in this case the hero's leg is just too elongated for my tastes. Even worse, Alex Toth writes and draws a story that's among his worst efforts. The layouts are monotonous, filled with minimal artwork that lacks enthusiasm. Inker Vince Colletta diminishes it even further, suppressing Toth's pencils beneath his own style. Other artists in this issue include Larry Lieber. This is number 1 of 1 Rawhide Kid issues with Toth art and/or covers.
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Kirby cover pencils (Dick Ayers inks) = **
"The Warning
" Toth story pencils (Vince Colletta inks) 5 pages = *

Alex Toth
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  1. I've never been certain if this is actually a Kirby cover or the work of Larry Leiber, who had recently taken over the interior artwork and is very Kirby influenced. Chic Stone, who inked the cover may have improved Leiber's pencils considerably. The figure of RK also looks too large, too tall, not the way Kirby usually portrayed him. Still, I'm not convinced either way, since the cover art looks a little too confident for Lieber.

    Nick Caputo

  2. I agree that Lieber (among others) did their best to emulate Kirby, but based on all 3 figures I'd still put my money on Kirby. Anyone else have an opinion?