Monday, May 28, 2012

Time Warp #5 - Don Newton art

Time Warp v1 #5, 1980 - The book's opening tale tells of a robotic figure that once was a man. Don Newton's artwork sadly falls far below expectations. Panels are generally cramped and his layouts are convoluted. Steve Mitchell's inks are also more of a hindrance than a help. Other artists in this issue include Dick Ayers, Jimmy Janes, Edward Bercasio, Fred Carrillo, Vic Catan, Armando Gil, Charles Nicholas, Trevor Von Eeden, Carlo Potts, Jerry Bingham, John Celardo and Michael Kaluta (cover). This is number 5 of 5 Time Warp issues with Newton art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Newton or Time Warp issues. See also this blog's Don Newton checklist.
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"Union in Steel" Newton story pencils (Steve Mitchell inks) 7 pages = *
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Don Newton
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