Aquaman #61 - Don Newton art

Aquaman v1 #61 dc 1970s bronze age comic book cover art
Aquaman v1 #61, 1978 - The Batman guest stars, teaming up with Aquaman against the nefarious Kobra (who had his own short-lived series during the bronze age). Don Newton's pencils are generally complemented by Bob McCleod's inks. Newton dominates the pages, especially the facial close-ups of the characters. The artist also does a commendable job with rendering not only the Caped Crusader but the Green Lantern (who makes an appearance) as well. Other artists in this issue include Jim Aparo (cover). This is number 2 of 4 Aquaman issues with Newton art and/or covers.
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"The Armageddon Conspiracy" Newton story pencils (Bob McLeod inks) 17 pages = ***

Aquaman v1 #61 dc 1970s bronze age comic book page art by Don Newton
Don Newton
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