Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thor #173 - Jack Kirby art & cover

Thor v1 #173 marvel comic book cover art by Jack Kirby
Jack Kirby
Thor v1 #173, 1970 - Ulik the Asgardian troll arrives on Earth, only to be hypnotized under the control of the Ringmaster. Admittedly, the story's circus setting is a refreshing change from the standard fare. Jack Kirby's art takes on a slightly whimsical tone because of it. One scene captures bustling activity and excitement of the venue (see interior page below) but sacrifices depth. Bill Everett's inks are adequate but seem more understated than previous issues. This is number 48 of 61 Thor issues with Kirby art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Kirby or Thor issues. See also this blog's Kirby checklist.
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Kirby cover pencils (John Verpoorten inks) = ***
Ulik Unleashed" Kirby story pencils (Bill Everett inks) 20 pages = ***
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Thor v1 #173 marvel comic book page art by Jack Kirby, Bill Everett
Jack Kirby
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