House of Mystery #214 - Bernie Wrightson cover, Nestor Redondo art

Bernie Wrightson
>House of Mystery v1 #214, 1973 - After years of growing hatred, a woman takes severe action in ridding her husband's dog. Nestor Redondo adeptly portrays suburban life down the interiors and furniture. Light and airy, his drawings belie the odd twist at the story's end. Bernie Wrightson's cover is unrelated to the interiors, but is compelling nonetheless. The witch doctor's face and hand is meticulously drawn, each wrinkle emphasized for added texture and dimension. Other artists in this issue include Ruben Yandoc and Sonny Trinidad. This is number 6 of 16 House of Mystery issues with Redondo art and/or covers and number 20 of 27 House of Mystery issues with Wrightson art and/or covers.
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Wrightson cover pencils and inks = *****
"The Shaggy Dog" Redondo story pencils and inks 6 pages = ***

Nestor Redondo
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