Aquaman #50 - Neal Adams art

Aquaman v1 #50 dc 1970s bronze age comic book cover art by Nick Cardy
Aquaman v1 #50, 1970 - Fresh from his cancellation in Strange Adventures, Deadman begins as a back-up feature on this series. Neal Adams, whose artwork helped popularize the character, carries over a visual continuity from the series. Deadman encounters Aquaman's foe the Oceanmaster, witnessing his participation in a sinister alien plot. Confined to a smaller page count, Adams makes the most of it with roomy, precisely drawn panels. His own inks make his pencils all the more aesthetically pleasing. Other artists in this issue include Jim Aparo and Nick Cardy (cover). This is number 1 of 3 Aquaman issues with Adams art and/or covers.
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"Deadman Rides Again" Adams story pencils and inks 9 pages = ***

Aquaman v1 #50 dc 1970s bronze age comic book page art (deadman) by Neal Adams
Neal Adams
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