Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #271 - Carl Barks art

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories v1 #271, 1963 - Enticed by radio ads, Donald Duck falls victim to a real estate scam. When he unloads the property to another sucker, he finds out what comes around goes around. Highlights of Carl Barks' artwork include the barren desert revealed on page 3 panel 5 and the ghost town on page 5 panel 8. The artist also takes great care in Donald's various facial expressions, as his idyllic daydreaming turns to seething rage. Other characters featured in this issue include Gyro Gearloose, Mickey Mouse and the Big Bad Wolf. See today's posts or more Barks or Walt Disney's Comics and Stories issues.
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"A Stone's Throw from Ghost Town" Barks pencils and inks 10 pages = ***
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Carl Barks
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