Saturday, October 13, 2012

Swamp Thing #10 - Bernie Wrightson art & cover

Swamp Thing v1 #10 1970s bronze age dc comic book cover art by Bernie Wrightson
Bernie Wrightson

Swamp Thing v1 #10, 1974
- First introduced in issue 2, Arcane and his ghoulish Un-Men return to take possession of the Swamp Thing's body. In his final issue, Bernie Wrightson illustrates the characters and graveyard setting with exquisite detail. Surrounding tree branches are bare and form ominously broken patterns. The splash on page 8 perfectly captures the Un-men's freakish deformities. Most compelling is Wrightson's phenomenal cover: an entanglement of unnatural limbs and bodies fighting for control. This story was later reprinted in Roots of the Swamp Thing #5. This is number 10 of 10 Swamp Thing issues with Wrightson art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Wrightson or Swamp Thing issues. See also this blog's Bernie Wrightson checklist or Top 10 Wrightson comics.
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Wrightson cover pencils and inks = *****
"The Man Who Would Not Die" Wrightson story pencils and inks 23 pages = ****
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Swamp Thing v1 #10 1970s bronze age dc comic book page art by Bernie Wrightson
Bernie Wrightson
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