Secrets of Sinister House #12 - Alex Nino art

Secrets of Sinister House v1 #12, 1973 - Alex Nino tells the tale of a man suffering from disturbing hallucinations. Each person he sees is a monstrosity, skillfully visualized by the artist. Nino's penchant for distortion works perfectly in this scenario. His vertical panels on the opening sequence (see interior page shown below) and accompanying typography are uniquely effective. The story title unravels, suggesting the main character's state of mind perhaps? Other artists in this issue include Wayne Howard, Alfredo Alcala, Sergio Aragones and Luis Domingez (cover). This is number 3 of 4 Secrets of Sinister House issues with Nino art and/or covers.
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"The Ultimate Horror" Nino story pencils and inks 8 pages = ***

Alex Nino
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