Kid Colt Outlaw #54 - Al Williamson cover

Al Williamson
Kid Colt Outlaw v1 #54, 1955 - Though outnumbered, Kid Colt seems to have convinced his attackers to surrender. Al Williamson's cover excels due to his superlative drawing and smooth execution. Details taper off in the distance, allowing the foreground figures to take center stage. Artist Joe Maneely appears to have added the two gunman on the left, only slightly diminishing the overall effect. Other artists in this issue include Jack Keller and Doug Wildey. This is number 1 of 8 Kid Colt Outlaw issues with Williamson art and/or covers.
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Williamson cover pencils and inks = ***

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  1. This cover was not inked by Maneely. He did add some figure work in the background.

    Nick Caputo

  2. Taking another look, the gunman on the left looks very much like Maneely's work. Overstreet credits Maneely for the inks, but they look too smooth to be either Williamson or Maneely. Not uncommon that the guide could be inaccurate.