Frankenstein v3 #18 - Bernie Wrightson cover

Frankenstein v2 #18 bronze age marvel comic book cover art Bernie Wrightson
Bernie Wrightson
Frankenstein (Monster) v3 #18, 1973 - After the adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel, the series expanded into further adventures that eventually led to the present day. On this final issue, Bernie Wrightson's fluid brushwork graces the cover pencils of Val Mayerick (who also draws the interior). The scene is chaotic but is well defined in terms of light and shade. No doubt this compelling image is partially the result of the two artists' compatible styles. On the inside story, no inker is credited, assuming Mayerick did the majority himself. And yet certain pages are suspiciously Wrightson-like in their finishing touches (especially pages 14, 15, 17). What this simply emulation on the part of Mayerick or did Wrightson lend an uncredited assist? Feel free to share your own opinions. This is number 1 of 1 Frankenstein issues with Wrightson art and/or covers.
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Wrightson cover inks (Val Mayerick pencils) = ***

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  1. I'd say page 14 is a definite possibility as far as Berni inking it. The other pics of the same scene on the next page just don't resemble it. It would be nice to ask Berni, I've met him and spoken to him a few times, he's always really nice but doesn't seem to be into really examining his old work at the level we like to. Page 30 I don't think so.

    I'm really enjoying your blog.

  2. The difficulty is that Wrightson's mid 70s work (especially for Marvel) was often looser than his usual polished DC style, and Val Mayerick's inking of the same period was oftentimes similar. Eventually I hope to have all of his issues on this blog to double as a Berni Wrightson checklist. His Creepy and Eerie magazine issues are forthcoming. Thanks for the comments.

  3. Good luck with checklist. I've been working on one too. Lots of gaps in the fanzines section. I probably have 99% of Berni's pre-1985 or so comic work, let me know if you need any help. Email in profile.