Thursday, March 21, 2013

Detective Comics #468 - Marshall Rogers art (1st Rogers Batman)

Detective Comics v1 #468 featuring Batman, 1977 - Marshall Rogers' first full length Batman tale concludes the Calculator storyline built up over previous issues. Hawkman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Atom, and Elongated Man make a guest appearance, initially failing to capture the criminal. Marshall Rogers' precise drawings are matched only by his crisp page designs. The multi-paneled heroics at the top of page 9 are particularly good. Other artists in this issue include Jim Aparo (cover). This is number 3 of 13 Detective Comics issues with Rogers art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Rogers or Detective Comics issues. See also this blog's Rogers checklist or Top 10 Rogers comics.
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"Battle Of The Thinking Machines" Rogers story pencils (Terry Austin inks) 17 pages = ****
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Detective Comics v1 #468 dc comic book page art by Marshall Rogers
Marshall Rogers
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