Friday, May 30, 2014

The Unexpected #121 - Bernie Wrightson art, Neal Adams cover

Neal Adams
The Unexpected v1 #121, 1970 - As prolific a cover artist as Neal Adams was in the 1970s, this example falls short. He struggles with the layout and the drawing seems altogether rushed. On the other hand, Bernie Wrightson's story is more successful, despite being a single page (see interior page below). Softly applied brushstrokes add depth to the characters and setting. His craftsmanship even applies to the unassuming objects in the first panel. Other artists in this issue include Dick Dillin, John Calnan, Vince Colletta and Jerry Grandenetti. This is number 8 of 9 Unexpected issues with Adams art and/or covers and number 3 of 4 Unexpected issues with Wrightson art and/or covers (not including reprints). See today's posts or more Adams, Wrightson or Unexpected issues. See also this blog's Adams checklist, Top 10 Adams comics, Wrightson checklist or Top 10 Wrightson comics.
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Adams cover pencils and inks = **
"The Hound of Night" Wrightson story pencils and inks 1 page = ***

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Bernie Wrightson
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