Superman #249 - Neal Adams art & cover

Superman v1 #249 dc comic book cover art by Neal Adams
Neal Adams
Superman v1 #249, 1971 - Terra-Man makes his first appearance on this well drawn, but oddly composed Neal Adams cover. Superman appears to be ducking from the attack, but his clenched fist suggests he's holding onto the background tower (he's not). Accompanying the main feature inside, a back-up tale reveals Terra-Man's origin. Ably drawn by Dick Dillin, Adams inks the pencils with skill and confidence. The two artists' similarity in style is a distinct advantage, although their collaborations has been rare (I can think of only one other occasion). This story was later reprinted in Limited Collectors Edition #C-39. Other artists in this issue include Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson.
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Adams cover pencils and inks = **
"The Origin of Terra-Man"
Adams story inks (Dick Dillin pencils) 7 pages = ***

Superman v1 #249 dc comic book page art by Neal Adams
Neal Adams
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  1. There's something very odd about either Mr.Adam's sketches and ideas or the inker's interpretation of the raw sketch. The tower does appear to be in the background at a distance, but a closer inspection of Superman's Right foot brings up the question of whether the toes are stationed at the base of the tower as the suggested by the shadows caused by them. Also the way Superman's left arm is stretching should in a real-world scenario suggest that he's hanging off the tower. Perhaps the inker missed a trick by not noticing which lines of the raw sketch were overlapping over which ones. In any case, the scale of the tower seems to put me off completely, whether compared to Superman's scale or to that of the City's other structures.