Thursday, July 13, 2017

Batman Dark Detective #2 - Marshall Rogers art & cover

Marshall Rogers
Batman Dark Detective v1 #2, 2005 - In a rare event, the Batman gives his old flame Silver St. Cloud a tour of the Batcave. Meanwhile, Two-Face emerges to confront the Joker's plans. Marshall Rogers' metaphorical cover is stiffly drawn within a crowded layout. His interiors are marginally better, showcasing two splashes and a two-page spread. Pages 15-16 showcase Rogers' best work in the issue, placing the Batman within unconventional panel shapes and orientations. The scenes are reminiscent of the artist's iconic run in Detective Comics. That aside, the artwork overall seems more labored than necessary. This is number 2 of 6 Batman Dark Detective issues with Rogers art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Rogers or Batman Dark Detective issues. See also this blog's Rogers checklist or Top 10 Rogers comics.
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Rogers cover pencils (Terry Austin inks) = **
"You May See a Stranger" Rogers story pencils (Terry Austin inks) 22 pages = **

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Marshall Rogers
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