Inside Crime #3 - Wally Wood art

Inside Crime v1 #3, 1950 - Continuing the numbering from My Intimate Affair, this first issue changes genres from romance to crime. In "The Shanghai Chicken", a San Francisco thug makes a living knocking out victims and putting them aboard ships as unwilling crewmen. This early Wally Wood tale is glaringly primitive, struggling with the rudiments of drawing and design. Some pages are thoughtfully detailed (such as the opening splash) while others are starkly minimal. Still, while Wood shows more enthusiasm than skill, the final artwork shows glimpses of his future potential. This story was later reprinted in Police Trap #18Other artists in this issue include L. B. Cole. This is number 1 of 2 Inside Crime issues with Wood art and/or covers.
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"The Shanghai Chicken" Wood story pencils and inks 10 pages (1st page in duotone) = **

Wally Wood
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