Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Moon, a Girl... Romance #10 - Wally Wood art

A Moon, a Girl... Romance v1 #10, 1949 - A young woman becomes infatuated with her older boss, ignoring her childhood sweetheart in the process. Harry Harrison's pencils are blatantly crude and his layouts are poorly conceived. And yet, Wally Wood manages to slightly improve upon that foundation. Faces and figures are artfully delineated, especially (and not surprisingly) the women. Wood's influence is small but immediately recognizable, and the story certainly benefits from his efforts. Other artists in this issue include Al Feldstein, Graham Ingels and more. This is number 1 of 3 A Moon, a Girl... Romance issues with Wood art and/or covers.
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"I Thought I Loved My Boss" Wood story inks (Harry Harrison pencils) 7 pages = **

Wally Wood
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