Flash #295 - Jim Starlin art

The Flash v1 #294, 1981 - In the Firestorm back-up tale, the hero rescues a scientist from a watery grave, only to see him transformed into something else. Some of Jim Starlin's layouts are better than others (see interior page below), but overall his artwork seems poorly executed. Like the previous issue, inker Bob Wiacek tends to water down the original pencils. Other artists in this issue include Dick Giordano and Don Heck (art & cover). This is number 2 of 3 Flash issues with Starlin art and/or covers.
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"By The Dangerous Sea" Starlin story pencils (Bob Wiacek inks) 8 pages = **

Jim Starlin
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  1. It was virtually impossible to fairly assess the value of a layout after Wiacek was done with it. Here one can get a general sense of the possibilities of what the page might have looked like with a better inker, but the thugs look amateurish and visual effects obliterate any sense of a background. Which may be the way Starlin wanted it, but as is his work, which should have revealed more of the character's potential than Al Milgrom was capable of managing, did little to show the true worth of Gerry Conway's creation.