Weird War Tales #31 - non-attributed Alex Nino art

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Weird War Tales v1 #31, 1974 - Though set on an alien world, Alex Nino's apocalyptic tale seems all too familiar. The costumes seem to be inspired by ancient Aztec civilization, as well as one of their violent rituals. The graphically textured style is one the artist is well known for. His distorted figures and faces are mildly disturbing, yet indisputably fascinating. Full page splashes are uncommon in Nino's bronze age works, yet this story begins with a stunning illustration boldly composed and full of complexity. Other artists in this issue include Franc Reyes, Bill Draut and Luis Domingez (cover). This is number 8 of 13 Weird War Tales issues with Nino art.
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"Doomsday" Nino story pencils and inks 6 pages = ***

Weird War Tales v1 #31 dc bronze age comic book page art by Alex Nino
Alex Nino
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  1. I am proud to brag that I own the original art for this fantastic Alex Niño complete story.